Fatigue of Advanced Materials


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Proceedings of the Engineering Foundation International Conference, Santa Barbara, California, U.S.A., January 13-18, 1991. Editors: R. O. Ritchie, R. H. Dauskardt and B.N.Cox.
ISBN 1 872136 095 (1991), 492 pages

Proceedings of the Engineering Foundation International Conference,
Santa Barbara, California, January 13-18, 1991


The Mechanical Properties of Reinforced Ceramic, Metal and Intermetallic
Matrix Composites

A.G. Evans

Fatigue Crack Growth Mechanisms and Mechanics in Metallic and Intermetallic
Alloys and Partially Stabilized Zirconia

D.L. Davidson

Fatigue and Fracture of Brittle Fibrous Composites

B.N. Cox

Subcritical Crack Growth in Ductile-Phase Toughened Brittle Matrix

G.R. Odette and G.E. Lucas

Life Prediction in Advanced Material System

K.L. Reifsnider

Probabilistic Fracture Analysis of Unidirectional Long-Fiber Composites

J. Lamon


Cyclic Fatigue of Ceramics

R.H. Dauskardt and R.O. Ritchie

Constitutive Relations for Mechanical Fatigue in Zirconia Ceramics

I.Wei Chen and Shih-Yu Liu

Small Crack Behaviour in Ceramics: Direct Observation and Inferences
from Strength Data

M.V. Swain, G.H. Schneider and V. Zelizko

Cyclic Fatigue in Some Structural Ceramics

F. Guiu, M.J. Reece and D.A.J. Yaughan

Fatigue Crack Growth of Long and Short Cracks in Silicon Nitride

Y. Mutoh, M. Takahashi, T. Okawa and H. Okamoto

On Fatigue Crack Growth in Silicon Nitride

M. Okazaki, A.J. McEvily and T. Tanaka

Cyclic Fatigue Properties of Sintered Si3N4

K. Ohya, K. Ogura and M. Takatsu

Crack Propagation Behaviour of Sintered Silicon Nitride under Cyclic

H. Kishimoto, A. Ueno and H. Kawamoto

Static and Cyclic Fatigue of Transformation Toughened Y-TZP (A)
and Ce-TZP Ceramics

T. Liu and G. Grathwohl

Through Thickness Fatigue Crack Growth in CeO2-PSZ (TZP)

D.C. Cardona, P. Bowen and C.J. Beevers

Cyclic Fatigue Crack Propagation in Silicon Carbide Whisker Reinforced
Alumina I. Bar-On,

B.T. Pothier, R.N. Katz and M. J. Slavin


Fatigue Crack Growth in Fiber-Reinforced Metal-Matrix Composites

K.S. Chan and D.L Davidson

Fatigue Crack Growth in a Ti/SiC Composite

D. Walls, G. Bao and F. Zok

Fatigue of Continuous Fiber Reinforced Titanium Matrix Composite

W.S. Johnson

Characterization of Crack Growth in Continuous Fibre Reinforced
Titanium Based Composites under Cyclic Loading

P. Bowen, A. R. Ibbotson and C. J. Beevers

The Effect of Particle Size on Fatigue Crack Growth in an Aluminium
Based Metal Matrix Composite

T. J. Downes, D.M Knowles and J. E. King

Crack Initiation and Growth in Intermetallic Compounds

N. S. Stoloff

Fatigue and Fracture Resistance of Ductile-Phase Toughened Intermetallic-Matrix
Composites: Behaviour in ß-TiNb/? -TiAl

K.T. Venkateswara Rao, G.R. Odette and R.O Ritchie


Cracks at Polymeric Interfaces: The Role of Fracture Mechanics

A.J. Kinloch

Ceramic-Metal Interfaces: Monotonic and Cyclic Fracture Resistance

R.M. Cannon, B.J. Dalgleish, R.H. Dauskardt, R.M. Fisher, T. S.
Oh and R. O. Ritchie


Fatigue of Advanced Materials: Summary and Future Trends

R.O. Ritchie, R.H. Dauskardt and B.N. Cox